Clinical Thermometers are ideal to measure the human body temperature as it is accurate and sensitive in manner.
Disinfectant Chemicals are used to keep the spaces free from germs and diseases. They are available in effective and pure form to keep the users safe.
Hand Sanitizer
These Hand Sanitizers are sure to keep the hands sanitized and free from germs. They come with pleasant odour to keep the hands cleaned as well as fragrant.
Hand Sanitizing Wipes
High-quality, safe-to-use and effective Hand Sanitizing Wipes are available to provide the best way to keep the hands free from diseases.
Pharmaceutical Injection
These Pharmaceutical Injections are highly-effective ensuring to provide desired results to treat different health conditions.
High-quality, white and safe to consume Sugar is available in varied packaging materials as per the needs at reasonable prices.
VTM Test Kits are used for collecting and long-term freezing storage of viral and mycoplasma specimens. They preserve the viruses up to 72 hours and ensure secured sampling.
Waste Collection Bag
These Waste Collection Bags are developed from the high grade PVC material to ensure high-durability. They are used in households, pharmaceutical industries, hotels, restaurants, laboratories etc.

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